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Aishel House   |   patient support services

Aishel House provides visiting patients and their families with extensive, caring support. From transportation and warm meals to comfortable accommodations, child-care assistance, and personal counseling, Aishel House reaches out to everyone - regardless of race, color or creed. Aishel House is a grass-roots supported, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization.  

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Chabad House   |   community shul

Chabad House is a community Shul (synagogue) open to all Jewish people regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance. Participants often describe Chabad House as providing an intellectually stimulating, inspiring, positive, friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere.  Chabad House welcomes people of all ages and has no membership requirements.

Overview of Chabad House services:

Shabbat & holiday prayer services • Family Holiday Celebrations • Adult Education Courses • Bar & Bat Mitzvah Lessons • One-on-One Learning • Weekday Power Minyan • Lectures • Shabbatons

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Chabad On Campus   |   students & young adults

Chabad On Campus is a division of Chabad House geared to college students and young adults.

Chabad on Campus seeks to provide a virtual home-away-from home for Jewish students at college. In addition to Shabbat and holiday dinners and events, Chabad also makes available to students, study opportunities and synagogue services. All services are provided at no charge. Chabad welcomes all students & young adults, regardless of background, affiliation, and style of Jewish observance.

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