Mission Statement

 Aishel House provides visiting patients and their families with extensive, caring support. From transportation and warm meals to comfortable accommodations, child-care assistance, and personal counseling, Aishel House reaches out to everyone - regardless of race, color or creed. Aishel House is a grass-roots supported, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization.

Aishel House: What's in a name?

Jewish tradition recounts that the tent of our patriacrch Abraham and matriarch Sarah. Was known for their generous hospitality to all. In fact, when the Torah relates that "Abraham planted an Aishel in Beer Sheva" . The Midrash explains this refers to his famous tent. Then points out that the word AiSheL is an acronym for Achila (food), Shtiya (drink), Lina (lodging). This is why the word Aishel has become a term to express a place of genuine worm hospitality.

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