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New JLI Course has begun. It is still possible to join for the remaining 5 Wednesdays! 7:30 PM-9:00 PM
Wrestling with Faith
"I have trouble believing in G-d. I can live perfectly well without Him."
"Does God really care if I do a Mitzvah?" 
"Jewish beliefs seem primitive. The notion of gender roles and "chosen" nation seem outdated"
"If G-d exists, why is there suffering and tragedy?"
"As a scientist, is religion a conflict with science?"
"How can I related to a G-d I can't see?"

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Aishel House Benefit Gala
Sunday, December 2, First Night of Chanukah

Join us as we celebrate and support the work of Aishel House at the annual gala.

Look for the invitations coming to your mailbox or you can  reserve your seats online at 

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