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Thank you!
Thank you to the Pour Family for sponsoring last week's kiddush!

Pesach is Here!
Shmurah Matzah will be available for sale at Chabad House for $25 a pound. While supplies last. 

Remember to sell your Chometz before Pesach! Click here to download the sale of Chometz form.

Seder to Go
If you know someone who will be in the hospital on Pesach and would like a Seder to Go package, please have them contact Rochel by Thursday of this week to arrange for a Seder to be delivered to them. 713-522-2004

Chabad House Happenings

Buying and Selling
Get ready for Pesach! Time to buy some shmurah matza for your seder and sell your chometz! To buy shmurah matzah, click here. To sell your chometz, click here. It's that easy! 

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