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Fast of 17 Tammuz Schedule
As the 17 of Tammuz is on Shabbos this year, the fast is postponed to Sunday. 
Fast begins: 5:08 AM
Shacharis and Torah Reading: 8:30 AM
Mincha and Torah Reading: 7:45 PM
Fast Ends: 8:48 PM 

Chabad House Happenings

Gimmel Tammuz
This Shabbos, we will commemorate the 25th yahrtzeit of the Rebbe with a special Shabbos of inspiration. Wherever we may be, we can tap into the energy of the day, gain inspiration from the Rebbe to change the world for the better. 

At Chabad - Aishel House we will join together to learn and farbreng and inspire one another. Join us!

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