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 Dear Friends,

Many have been asking if we are still operating during the pandemic. The answer is a resounding YES!

Aishel House has been housing and supporting patients throughout this time. Meals are sent to the hospitals and to the Aishel House apartments.

We are continuing to have prayers in Shul with masks, hand sanitizer and physical distancing whenever we are able to get a minyan. Many are fearful of gathering indoors because of the virus which has limited our ability to get a minyan. Currently, we have scheduled minyans for Friday night and Shabbos day. When we have enough residents in Aishel House to fill out the minyan we hold services throughout the week as well. 

If you are quarantining in your home and not going to work in an office with others, not going shopping to any stores nor spending any time indoors with others, it would be difficult for your to attend shul.

BUT, if you do spend your days interacting with others at work, in the stores or in other places, I invite you to consider joining the community for prayers. 

Either way, we all pray for an end to this pandemic, so that everyone can feel safe to interact with one another. 

Gut Shabbos!

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