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Dear Family and Friends,

Pesach is coming! Time to buy Matzoh and sell your Chometz!

To sell you Chometz click here

To purchase Matzo, please contact Rabbi Lazaroff or click here

If you know anyone in the hospitals, who would appreciate a Pesach Seder, let us know!

Seder reservations at Aishel House are open to the community.
To reserve click here

With gratitude to Hashem, we are happy to announce the engagement of our son, Rabbi Naftali Lazaroff to Sara Thaler!

Wedding date is set for 22 Sivan, 5783 - June 11, 2023 in Brooklyn, NY. Mazel Tov! 

Rabbi Lazer & Rochel Lazaroff     

Chabad House Happenings

Dear Family and Friends,

Purim is here!

Join us for "Purim in Italy" with Italian themed cuisine and Jewish themed joy! Masquerade prizes for the kids! Pony rides! 

More information and RSVP at

See our calendar for a full list of Megillah reading times throughout Purim. Listen to the Megillah once on Purim eve and once during the day. 

Give extra charity to those in need and give gifts of food to one another, and the Purim celebrations are complete! Enjoy! 

Gut Shabbos and Happy Purim!

Rabbi Lazer & Rochel Lazaroff

P.S. We are excited to have your partnership at the Aishel House Annual Gala celebrating goodness and kindness!

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