Chabad House Happenings

Friday, 11 December, 2020 - 3:42 pm

Dear Friends,

Chanukah is here! While we are not able to make big parties in honor of Chanukah we have been celebrating with gusto! 

Candle lighting in the front lobby of Aishel House takes place every evening at 5:00 and yesterday, there was a citywide Menorah Parade that travelled through much of Houston and right past Aishel House! 

If you know of anyone who needs a menorah or candles, send them our way and we will get them what they need. 

If you are able to join us in shul for Shabbos Chanukah that would be helpful. With many who are not able to come to shul, it has been a struggle to get a minyan. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Shul!

Gut Shabbos! 

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