Chabad House Happenings

Friday, 15 August, 2014 - 3:11 pm

Friday Night
Michah-Kabbolas Shabbos-Maariv: 7:45 PM

Shabbos Day
Shacharis: 10:00 AM followed by Kiddush lunch sponsored by Gary Stein in honor of Meir Lazaroff as Meir embarks this week to yeshiva in Tsfat, Israel.

Shabbos Afternoon
6:30 PM: Stories in the Talmud
7:30 PM: Mincha, Pirkei Avos, Maariv, Havdalah and screening of "Living Torah"

High Holidays are around the corner 
Where did the year go? Rosh Hashana is around the corner! Once again, our doors are open to all who wish to join us in meaningful prayer for the High Holidays free of charge. Reserved seats are also available for a nominal fee. To reserve click here.

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