Chabad House Happenings

Friday, 26 December, 2014 - 3:37 pm

Friday Night
Michah-Kabbolas Shabbos-Maariv: 5:15 PM

Shabbos Day
Shacharis: 10:00 AM followed by Kiddush lunch sponsored by Pessy Gros in honor of her sister Chaya Bracha Serach bas Rivkah for a refuah shleimah and in gratitude for the Aishel House community's warm hospitality.

Shabbos Afternoon
5:00 PM: Mincha, Maariv, Havdalah and screening of "Living Torah".   

Last Chance for 2014 tax deductions!
This week is the last week of 2014, and your last chance to get a 2014 tax deduction for a gift to Aishel House. You can give by clicking here.

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